Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lazy Buggers

Apologies for the lack of posts on here lately, had some family stuff going on, and not much to report.

Main conclusion for the last week or so is that Basil and Saffy are a pair of lazy gits, I've barely seen them stood up:

In other news, Saffron is a terrible gossip, and Basil got a funny ear:

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Love is in the Air (War is Over)

At last the day has come, Basil and Saffy have laid aside their differences, and are starting to make friends with each other. I might even go so far as to suggest there's a feline romance blossoming in this household, what with Valentine's round the corner and all.

Excuse any messy backgrounds won't you, this is how we live I'm afraid...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Strike a Pose

We've been photographing products all day today for our letterpress company, Grey Letter Press.

Basil and Saffron have been getting in on the photoshoot action too. They're looking gorgeous! And possibly a bit derpy in places (Saffy, I'm looking at you here, kid).

Monday, 19 January 2015

Our new admin assistant

Saffy has been very helpful this week, mostly dealing with paperwork, but also helping with some more paws-on letterpress tasks as well...

A tragedy has befallen Basil...

Have you ever seen such an expression of woe? Poor boy, will he ever recover from the shock of this home invasion by the usurper Saffron?

He'll come around eventually I'm sure.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Basil and Saffy: The War Continues

Basil and Saffy are still not exactly best friends. Progress has been made, look here they are in the same room and no one is hissing:

This is still a rare sight unfortunately.

I can identify 2 key reasons for the continued animosity (apologising in advance for my language).
1. Basil is a total pussy.
2. Saffy is a bit of a dick.
Harsh perhaps, but I'm afraid it's the truth.

Our adorable young Saffron pretty much attacks Basil on sight whenever she's allowed out of the living room. Clearly she's only playing, but she's relentless; slapping him in the face, grabbing his tail, jumping on his back etc. She's a right little monkey.

Now our Basil, instead of dealing with this appropriately, i.e by joining in the playfight, or giving her a proper smack to put her in her place, hisses and runs away. No really, our 6.5kg usually angry Bengal, terror of Stortford, but 6 generations from wild, is running away from a 1kg moggy kitten. I mean, she's small enough to ride him like a horse, and at this rate, he'll probably let her.

Whilst I to some extent admire Basil's display of passivity, and of course I don't want to see Saffy hurt, I really think Basil needs to lay one on her and put a stop to all this silliness. Just one good no-jokes bop on the nose ought to do it I reckon. Everyone knows you have to stand up to bullies.

Hopefully by the next time I post, they'll be like best mates, but until then, here are some pics of them looking cute, in a segregated sort of way:

(She actually put herself to bed like this, no-one else was involved)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Season's Greetings from Basil and Saffy

So for us, Christmas part 1 is over. Christmas part 2 (with the in-laws) commences tomorrow.

Saffy's 'hearts and minds' campaign continues apace. She's won over everyone on my side of the family including my staunchly anti-pet Dad. Saffy has pretty much managed to out him as a secret cat-lover, it was all very moving.

Basil maintains his distancing policy from the interloper. He's really not happy, spending a lot of time sulking, hiding, growling and hissing. He'll come around though I'm sure.

Here are some pics of them over the last week. Basil has mainly been on the stairs glaring at Saffy (who's being kept in the living room behind a barrier that Basil can clear, but she can't (yet)). Saffy has been alternately murdering all the toys she can lay her paws on, and snoozing in the cosiest spots.

Here's Basil finally relaxing a little bit on Christmas Day: 

And Saffy as fire building apprentice: